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February 9, 2013 New York. On behalf of the staff, publisher Scotto Mycklebust and Public Art Squad Project we are pleased to announce the third official issue of REVOLT Magazine released this month. REVOLT Magazine is an alternate, innovative source of art commentary distributed freely in the greater New York City Area and beyond.

Mycklebust, an artist, community organizer and trailblazer of the West Chelsea Arts District, formed REVOLT Magazine as an outgrowth of his Public Art Squad Project, an artistic platform fostering social and political change through artistic expression, development and community engagement.

Here at REVOLT Magazine, we urge our readers to join in our mission to create positive social change through creative production and informed cultural critique.

In this issue you’ll find unseen photos of Occupy Berlin as well as frontline news from the Berlin Biennial and the Occupy Museums movement here in NYC. In addition to our regular fare of gallery, literary and film reviews, this issue features interviews with Thomas Lanigan Schmidt, Tanto Bin Everret, sisters Abiola and Damali Abrams and fiber artist Xenobia Bailey. We’ve also added a brand new section “TOP TEN NYC ARTISTS NOW” in which we’ll shout out to ten of our favorite artists each issue. We’ve also partnered with Boston, and will be reporting the happenings of our northeastern neighbor beginning with a snapshot of new work by the photographer Matt McKee.

As always, we’re looking for your support. Whether that means purchasing a Revolt Magazine sponsorship for a modest $100 or writing a radical haiku we can print in the next issue, Revolt Magazine would not be possible without dedicated readers like you.

Check the lobby of 508 West 26th street and throughout the West Chelsea Arts District to pick up your copy of issue 4 which includes a pull out color poster. You’ll know us by the ‘fist’ of REVOLT! And please like Revolt Magazine on Facebook.

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