Volume 1 Issue No. 2

May/June 2012


PUBLISHED BY: Public Art Squad Project

PUBLISHER: Scotto Mycklebust, Artist


CONTRIBTING WRITERS: Dan Callahan, Linda Digusta, David Hales, Richard Wyndbourne Kline, Richard Leslie, Rob Reed, Suzanne Schultz, Matthew Schultz,
Lena Vazifdar

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Scotto Mycklebust

ART & DESIGN: Joli Latini, Lauren Stec

ART PHOTOGRAPHER: Elisa Garcis de la Huerta

ADVERTISING: advertise@revoltmagazine.org

SUBMISSIONS: submisson@revoltmagazine.org



- The R List
- The Gallery View
- Urban Chic
- Art Attack, The Occupy  Museum Movement
- The Hip Hop Feminist Manifesto
- Biennial Clap Back
- The Literary View
- Cinema Review
- Biting The Hand That Feeds
- The Pink Ghetto
- The Invisible Artist
- The Revolt Takes Boston
- Make it Graphic
- Art and Economics
- The OWS Poetry Anthology
- Strawberry
- Françoise Gilot








West Chelsea Arts Building
526 West 26th Street Suite 511
New York, New York 10001





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In Sum
1 Dreams 3 Spires - 2 Winds 1 Fastness 11

Some of us heard.
Some of us met first.
Some of us went down.
Some of us are in some.
Some of us just came.
Some of us are all in.
Some of us get it.
Some of us don't get it, but we'll give it a shot anyway.
Some of us got hit.
Some of us got your back; and Legal's on it.
Some of us got it on video and are streaming it live to the human condition.
Some of us thrive on conflict, and even brought our own---hey, where'd everybody go?
Some of us know too much of nothing is more than enough and didn't happen by accident.
Some of us empathize.
Some of us emphasize.
Some of us energize.
Some of us deodorize.
Some of us decolonize.
Some of us defragmentize.
Some of us re-organize our personal baggage.
Some of us recognize each other for the first time.
Some of us demagnetize the little strips on things which keep us in inhuman bondage.
Some of us are in the picture; some of us aren't.
Some of us are not enablers of the master criminals. Are we?
Some of us are.
Some of us want to talk to you about that.
Some of us are incredulous.
Some of us were meticulous; until we got here and acquired a sense of the ridiculous.
Some of us get really, really nervous in crowds but somebody's got to do this.
Some of us hiss when stepped on.
Some of us are friendly.
Some of us were friendly.
Some of us have friends, and they'll be here this Saturday.
Some of us friend anyone in the 99% (and we really, really mean it: this means you).
Some of us, too, are in search of something; it was lost; or I think stolen, but that's not
important; and we're here to find it, at least I'm here to look for it; and this guy/gal/
goy/geezer/gummybearcub on the mike at GA said that we had it, here: it's called
Some of us dare.
Some of us swear by it.
Some of us have a flair for this.
Some of us ooze savoir-faire.
Some of us wear flowers in our hair; they're misty roses.
Some of us wear on others, but we try.
Some of us apply and apply and apply and we're tired of it, man, just tired.
Some of us have demands, we'll get to 'em; if you don't get to 'em first.
Some of us had plans, which, as things happened were taken down and out; not, as you may
have heard, by incompetence or blind circumstance but by the connivance of the few;
of the 1% to be wholly frank. (Look up: They're looking down; frowning.)
Some of us try to get things right.
Some of us have a light and let it shine.
Some of us are a sight to see.
Some of us came to see the city sights; and stayed.
Some of us've been to school; learned a few things 'bout you and me and everyone we know.
Some of us have been to college, and all we got was this lousy five-figure slave collar.
Some of us have been to hell and back, and even though we got paid . . . it wasn't worth it.
Some of us need time.
Some of us need a place to be.
Some of us just need some space to be at play.
Some of us have time and nothing but; we've been away.
Some of us have a base station, and we're pretty darn slick, or we think so.
Some of us are sick and are not going to make it and just want somebody to know.
Some of us have holes in our wholes, and 1% of us are pushing everybody else deeper therein,
and selling the soap that comes out the other end at 100% markup; 'Soylent Dream.'
Some of us have it all, but we can't get into heaven if we break your heart.
Some of us want to end it all.
Some of us want to defend it all.
Some of us have all the gall; and plenty of gumption, too.
Some of us want an end to the beginning.
Some of us intuit.
Some of us intubate.
Some of us innovate.
Some of ventilate when we should filter first.
Some us like to listen.
Some of us like to talk: "Mike check."
Some of us walk unchecked and unafraid.
Some of us would like to get laid; right about now.
Some of us like how we look doing this.
Some of us like that the pizza is free and keeps coming.
Some of us are just slumming until the Right thing comes along.
Some of us Left the building about the time that you were born.
Some of us are a bridge over troubled water, all our dreams are on their way.
Some of us don't believe in guvmint; peppermint's another story; and as for wondermint---.
Some of us found love.
Some of us love this town.
Some of us would love to be here.
Some of us would love for you to be here.
Some of us would love to be there but the bars get in the way.
Some of us beherenow, and we've got plenty to share, the library's open.
Some of us feel guilty we can't be here a little longer but we've got to be home by 6:00 to feed
the kids and they won't understand if we're late or get arrested or just miss a days work
and there's nobody but me so I really have to go now but Godbless.
Some of us shouldn't be here---like you, for example, you really shouldn't beherenow because
[wabbbity-wab-wabbh-wab] but since you're here already can I borrow your sharpie?
my sign's not done.
Some of us have hearings about our fines.
Some of us have lines to read in the pageant of history.
Some of us got it in the face and lay there screaming, quite the best days work we ever did
though the hardest; nobody even knew our names.
Some of us came to take pictures but the white collars broke our camera (just like Sonny at the
wedding) so we're taking mental pictures for those not here, and if they're sorta fuzzy
at the edges, well at the center too, we haven't slept for four days you try it sometime.
Some of us have been there and done that, it's your turn; but I like your style, kid.
Some of us have been gone so far it looks like time to me.
Some of us care.
Some of us take care.
Some of us need care, but they cut back.
Some of us move verrrry carefully.
Some of us don't care, but it's been thirty years since they put on this show, and it's free.
Some of us have been here for 500 generations and we still can't figure out what you straw-
brained occupiers think you're doing to the place; can't build a fire, catch a fish,
potlatch worth a shit; nuthin'.
Some of us think all you pissants outta be arrested . . . they day after you throw the bums out.
Some of us are mad, quite, quite, mad, without a doubt.
Some of us look s-i-m-p-l-y mahvehlous.
Some of us are of good cheer.
Some of us fear for the rest.
Some of us appear a little . . . off. Or a lot. (Took it in the head at one of these time was.)
Some of us mind the children; I mean that's always needed, isn't it?
Some of us sell papers to make change: "Overhead on apples is too high; I've got an MBA."
Some of us do plein air, folks just hold that pose.
Some of us sit and spin before we let go.
Some of us layer.
Some of us are enthused.
Some of us are free spirits.
Some of us know what those once meant, and you're both right about it.
Some of us recite the work of dead white bushy-bearded males out loud while we grow up;
some of us are such already, or nearly.
Some of us finally found the wine shop, "Friend, where have you been all of our lives?"
Some of us want to know what you expect.
Some of us expect you'll never know what you want.
Some of us expect you'll never know if you're not here.
Some of us reflect (it's the duct tape, we're getting brassards).
Some of us reject any destination.
Some of us deflect bullet points; banner headlines would be better.
Some of us shall expectorate the quintessential mead of the assembled after due masticulation.
Some of us would be down on that if we knew what it was.
Some of us have the answer, and would be happy to let you have it.
Some of us brought our own, thanks.
Some of us brought our own thanks. For taking the time.
Some of us know it's always the one on bass who knows what time it is.
Some of us are on the bus.
Some of us were in the bust.
Some of us just drive the bus, but we're going your way.
Some of us are under the bus, and you know the sonnsofa-1-in-a-100 who threw us here.
Some of us do outreach, let me give you a hand.
Some of us brought PBNJ with the crust trimmed; for 500. (Thanks, Mom.)
Some of us are packin' and fight fire with fire; and see, the fuse took the match some time ago,
'bout the time they pinched m' brother's head off, mmn-hhmm.
Some of us wouldn't do that if they were you.
Some of us would.
Some of us would understand, but don't recommend it, friend, cuz they're the 99% too.
Some of us have a verse for that.
Some of us are averse to that---or were; now, we just don't know.
Some of us just learned the two-finger salute, they sure know how to do these things flat out
Over There; they keep in practice.
Some of us knew what "Basta!" meant before the resta yah, yah need some help.
Some of us face off.
Some of us scoff.
Some of us know the law; it's not enough.
Some of us'll write new laws, just tell us what you want. (I mean these are for you, not for us.)
Some of us eat your food and walk away laughing; not realizing that freedom is infectious.
Some of us fomite.
Some of us foment.
Some of us form up, but godlovem we think they're kinda i-n-t-e-n-s-e.
Some of us have been fermenting for so long that by now we're proof of something.
Some of us lament what urban renewal and securitization have done to the City on the Hill.
Some of us shill for the Man the rest of the time (don't say we were here, He's such a killjoy).
Some of us take notes.
Some of us take names. (There'll be camps for your kind, we're working on it.)
Some of us gave at the office, and lemme tell yah it wasn't 99¢; that's too much.
Some of us give a damn, or thought we did; or that's what we'll say in court since we're
kettled in tight and going down hard (don't try this at home, kids).
Some of us'll give you the shirt off our backs; it's got antacid in it, anyway that mostly works.
Some of us came in full dress; there's 1000 more behind us.
Some of us are gonna bunch up and shove if this thing stays stuck.
Some of us go all the way.
Some of us pray.
Some of us have fey smiles all the while.
Some of us let George do it. And boy was that a mistake.
Some of us shake our moneymaker; here's today's take (*shh* just take it, I know you need it).
Some of us are really, really *an&ry* and wanna break some heads/stuff inta bitty-witty pieces
but might possibly maybe talk to somebody first about whatfororwhen or perhaps not
go that way right now but this way where they're all sittin' down being very, very calm.
Some of us fight the power.
Some of us want the power.
Some of us had the power till a pink slip cut our throat . . . what was it all about?
Some of us fought till we were all fought out; and nothing changed. It was th' good fight, tho'.
Some of us fold up when the shit comes down. Or the rain; whichever's first.
Some of us are cold.
Some of us are out in the cold; always.
Some of us got cold-cocked by Mr. Market, and when we woke up somebody left us the bill.
Some us us are cold muthafukkas, real cold, and you'll never see it coming or even know until
we want yah tah know; and we work for ourselves, what per cent of the action is that?
Some of us sold out---and they told us there was still money owing; fees or something.
Some of us have something to prove; seeing as how things aren't improving.
Some of us remain unmoved; "Tried hope; like fertilizer, sold by the ton."
Some of us were red, white, and dead till we found out they're on the other side.
Some of us atomize; some of us automatize.
Some of us Peace, Love, Rope.
Some of us do horizontal.
Some of us try lambent buds.
Some of us have tatts and studs.
Some of us are in the Zone.
Some of us are mystified at that; but whatever.
Some of us took Mystery 101 already, we're just here to audit.
Some of us whistle; some of us sing; some of us drum along. (And along; and along.)
Some of us don't need no stinkin' rules.
Some us us wear crystals.
Some of us sell crystal and that ain't no crime; well, it is a crime but they outta change the law,
and anyhow business is kinda slow what with the down economy and all the heat
around now sooo what we really came over to find out is, are you doin' all right?
Some of us think you should come back when you're off the clock.
Some of us spoof the market---but just in case we've got some futures on your action cause our
position is always dynamically hedged; you know, 'play both ends against the middle.'
Some of us smoked the opiate of the masses till we woke up in Liberty one September day.
Some of us left our steady for 2000 lovers.
Some of us hover just barely off the ground.
Some of us crash things for fun and profit.
Some of us hope recovery is just around the corner, 'cause the cops are sure as Hell around
the block.
Some of us keep on squawking when you wish we'd just shut up.
Some of us want a platform; others think a server would suffice.
Some of us know that brown rice solves any problem; just have some more.
Some of us show up when it counts; we've got jobs, yah unnehstand.
Some of us have vendettas even if it's the Dreamer who joined the action.
Some of us want to do it; or to do you; whichever we catch up to first.
Some of us like to watch.
Some of us might snatch sleep.
Some of us are creeped out by the Army of Night across the street.
Some of us surprise, just surprise.
Some of us map the Zone; it's one-to-one with a higher plane, we've established that as fact.
Some of us work three groups and have forgotten who we used to be outside the lines;
that pitiful schmuck.
Some of us took to it like ducks on a pond.
Some of us tossed our pills for despondency---don't need 'em here.
Some of us know how this is gonna end; they don't talk much.
Some of us came to witness, there was a crime; we just knew where to go, that's all.
Some of us let it burn, let it burn, let it burn; but we didn't start this thing, no, it was already
Some of us like the pretty colors.
Some of us discover the space between.
Some of us are recovering one now at a time.
Some of us gaze back at the whole world watching in an infinite loopy jest.
Some of us mask our fear; "For that, black handkerchiefs work best."
Some of us brought our wiggy fingers and left the rest.
Some of us preach up on the steps.
Some of us need a few more reps.
Some of us just want a chance.
Some of us dance; pretty good.
Some of us advance a notion; more of a proposition.
Some of us watch another earth begin.
Some of us are charging, all our bars went flat.
Some of us admin this thing; we'll admit that.
Some of us hack (a little)---or did anon.
Some of us will move on.
Some of us are going home, but we'll be back.
Some of us still are on song, me and Hikmet gonna read---"Nazim, we're up?"
Some of us resound (silently).
Some of us ping.
Some of us bong.
Some of us just brought vegan chow fong.
Some of us are holding strong, enough to carry the load out.
Some of us got it wrong, but we'll keep trying.
Some of us don't mind dyin'; it's livin' on empty that's hard to take.
Some of us make it up as we go along . . . well, most of us.
Some of us are looking for something real; can we talk?
Some of us left our fake currency outside the park.
Some of us caught the rockin' pneumonia; got to walk it off.
Some of us nurse a croaking cough.
Some of us knocked off the Maker's Mark.
Some of us have that inner spark,
Some of us know 'The Lark in the Morning.'
Some of us are drawn out but in long.
Some of us spoon.
Some of us tune in.
Some of us are huddled and wan.
Some of us begin to plan.
Some of us found flowery evangels, right there beside the hot dog stand.
Some of us just lie back looking up s-m-i-l-i-n-g.
Some of us join the fun.
Some of us are on the run.
Some of us left to find a john.
Some of us some hours since commenced to scan.
Some of us will learn soon we got the one child born to carry on.
Some of us are ever the 99th in any line, but hey, who's counting, this thing ain't over till
it's over.
Some of us saw the dawn.
thing ain't over till it's over.
Some of us saw the dawn.

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